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Ed encontra refúgio em uma plantação de cannabis | Ed Stafford: Contra Todos | Discovery Brasil

Ed Stafford abre vantagem em corrida contra John Hudson na primeira caminhada pela selva no Himalaia.

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Unprescribed Medical Cannabis Documentary

We’ve already mentioned the documentary Unprescribed on a couple of podcasts, so I was ecstatic when writer/producer Steve Ellmore accepted my invite to the show. In today’s episode we discuss the documentary and the great need for legal access to cannabis for our veterans. Steve also shares some exciting upcoming news related to the film & his medical cannabis advocacy work.

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Cannabis for PTSD

Like so many other veterans Christian Ryan really struggled with PTSD & physical ailments after coming back from tours overseas. After moving to the boondocks to try to get his life together a friend suggested he try cannabis medicinally. His first foray into plant medicine wasn’t a good one, but he continued to try to find relief through the plant. He finally found his correct dosage, and began to make strides back to normalcy. He vowed he would find a way to get involved in the cannabis space so he could help others find healing in his miraculous plant.

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Cannabis for Seniors

Sue Taylor started out as an unlikely advocate for cannabis. The former Catholic school principal left her home in Georgia to have an emergency intervention with her son who wanted to sell medical cannabis. When she arrived instead of finding a desperate drug addict, she found a plant that possessed many healing capabilities. A plant that she had been lied to about her whole life. She began her advocacy career working for Harborside & doing outreach with seniors.

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Cannabis for Anxiety

Deirdra Martinez suffered with anxiety and chronic back pain for years. She had no idea the two could be connected until she was referred to a psychiatrist. After the mental health professional prescribed her Prozac her back pain disappeared, and life was good for a year or two. When the prescription meds started making her feel numb she succumbed to old habits and began overeating again. She confided in a co-worker about her struggles, and her co-worker recommended she try cannabis medicinally.

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Cannabis for Trauma


After leaving the military Fabian Henry struggled to re-adapt to life at home. He was constantly on high alert & found his thoughts drawn back to the battlefield – reliving mistakes & past regrets. Despite choking down a handful of prescription meds daily he still could not sleep or relax. He turned to alcohol in large quantities, but he just spiraled further downward. When a kid at work offered to give him some cannabis to help him he recoiled in disgust at smoking pot. A few days later he decided to try cannabis and his life has made a 180 since.

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Cannabis for Epilepsy

Nina Simmons & Osiris Stephen’s son was diagnosed with epilepsy at the tender age of 2. Sadly traditional medications seemed to exacerbate his seizures, so in desperation they tried plant medicine. At the time CBD oil was still illegal in their home state of New York, so they had to break the law to buy it for their son. After months of trial and error they found a formula that helped them with wean Aiden off of some of his prescriptions. In 2019 they started a podcast to share their story and help other parents who are facing the same trials.

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Thailand’s Cannabis Revolution | 101 East

Thailand’s Cannabis

For decades, Thailand was at the forefront of the war on drugs.

Known for flooding the world with drugs from the Golden Triangle, Thailand’s laws became so tough, the country now tops the list in Asia for the rate of incarceration.

But recently, the military-led government shocked the world by announcing plans to legalise medical marijuana, or cannabis.

Supporters promise a plant that could alleviate poverty and even cure cancer.

As the new law takes effect, 101 East investigates how many of these promises are hype and how many are politics.

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Coachella Valley ‘King of Weed’ Grows Highest THC % Cannabis in California

Coachella Valley – Welcome to the King of Weed

Kings Garden is California’s highest THC % cannabis grow operation based in Palm Springs (Coachella Valley).

“Kings Garden is the original Coachella Valley cannabis grow operation.

What this means on the surface, is that we received the first licenses issued in both Cathedral City and Palm Springs. But what makes us truly who we are, runs much deeper.

Our co-founder hails from one of Palm Springs’ founding families.

Which means Kings Garden is more than a place we work. This is our home.

A genuinely rare and revered corner of the world.

A mecca which never ceases to inspire our creativity and drive our passion to create a family of cannabis strains unmatched in consistency, value – and above all – quality.”

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GNR apreende 504 pés de canábis em Penamacor

Canábis em Penamacor

A maior apreensão de cultivo de droga feita no último ano em Portugal aconteceu no distrito de Castelo Branco.

Ao todo a GNR detetou 504 pés de canábis num terreno agrícola de difícil acesso na freguesia de Salvador, em Penamacor, a poucos quilómetros da fronteira com Espanha.

O suspeito é um homem de 55 anos que foi detido e ficou em prisão domiciliária com pulseira eletrónica.

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Cannabis for Pain Relief

While searching for pain relief for an on the job injury, hospice nurse Jessie Gill tried every pharmaceutical under the sun. After surgery still did not give her pain relief Jessie tried cannabis & immediately began weaning herself off her prescription pain killers. She is now a successful blogger at Marijuana Mommy & cannabis entrepreneur.

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Cannabis for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Julie Mejia was only in her 20’s when she was injured on her right side from her neck to her ankle.

Days, weeks, and months went by and her body did not heal as it should & the the pain began to spread along the entirety of the right side of her body.

She was finally diagnosed with RSD and told she would likely never walk or work again. Desperate for relief she tried cannabis on a trip to Colorado, and the results were life changing.

Now Julie helps other patients by creating hemp products & holistic health consulting.

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Cannabis & The Iron Law of Prohibition

Economist & author Dr. Mark Thornton joins me to discuss his PhD dissertation on the economics of prohibition. This dissertation would lead to the coining of the phrase of The Iron Law of Prohibition. He joins us for a fascinating discussion on the failed policy of drug prohibition and maybe a couple other topics related to the State’s & its ever increasing intrusions into our lives.

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Cannabis for Liver Cancer

Three years ago Rodney Bowers was given 6 mos to live after being diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer. Fortunately a friend in Michigan after learning of his diagnosis invited him up & cooked him up a batch of Rick Simpson oil.

Six months came and went, and Rodney was still alive and kicking. His pain had eased. His abdomen was no longer hard. He could get up and and get around. Cannabis gave him something no doctors could – it gave him hope, and, eventually it gave him his life back.

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Cannabis for Scoliosis & Neuropathy

After a couple of suicide attempts in college because of mismanaged pharmaceuticals, a friend suggested Marlies Fitch-Ledbetter try cannabis edibles to help with her scoliosis & peripheral neuropathy.

When she moved back to Texas Marlies had to revert back to prescription meds.

After a drug induced seizure put her in the hospital, Marlies went back to her plant based medicine.

She is now a certified consultant & trainer and CEO of Indie Hemp Company.

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Cannabis during Pregnancy

Today we’re going to discuss her use of cannabis during her second pregnancy to ease her nausea & control her pain from a separated pubis. She was also able to use cannabis instead of pharmaceutical drugs after her second caesarean section.

After her first child Delene suffered from severe postpartum depression before she discovered cannabis as medicine (see Episode 5

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Cannabis for Lupus

When Tonya Sanders was 35 years old her pain management doctor referred her to hospice and sent her home to wean off her pain meds.

After 8 ys of searching for a cure for her lupus in prescriptions the former nurse angrily tore up the remaining scripts. Just hours after her fentanyl patch wore off she was in excruciating pain & experiencing intense withdrawals. In desperation she called a friend who brought over some cannabis.

For the first time in years Tonya felt like a human being again.

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