Ep. 100 - Richard J Maybury - Natural Rights & Common Law
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Ep. 100 – Richard J Maybury – Natural Rights & Common Law

Our nation has morphed from one founded upon the principles of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness into a behemoth that routinely locks its citizens in cages over a plant and other victimless crimes. Somewhere this nation clearly went off the rails. For episode 100 I wanted to take a deep dive into the subject of Natural Rights and Common Law. Who better to invite on to discuss those issues than an author who has more than 2,000,000 words published on the very subject? So on a whim a few weeks ago I reached out to Richard J. Maybury via his publishing company, and to my delight I received an email from his wife a couple of days later asking me when I’d like to schedule a time to chat with him. I was on cloud nine when I got her email, and today, I’m thrilled to air the discussion Richard and I had about his book Whatever Happened to Justice which explains in detail the concepts of natural rights and common law and how our current legal system has gone awry. I hope you enjoy episode 100, and I hope you come away from our discussion more well informed on this very important topic.

Full show notes can be found at www.cannabishealsme.com/100

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