Medical Freedom, Cannabis & Vaccine Mandates
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Medical Freedom, Cannabis & Vaccine Mandates

Join Bretigne Shaffer and I as we take a trip down the rabbit hole of medical freedom. Bretigne is a longtime libertarian journalist, and she’s a resident of California.

There has been a push in recent years in CA (and several states) to mandate vaccines for children.

And in some of those states there are no medical exemptions – even for kids who have had past reactions to vaccines (like our guest from Monday’s show, Sarah). This overstep by government is quite alarming to liberty lovers like myself and Bretigne.

So I wanted to discuss this issue and expand on some of the topics Sarah brought up in Monday’s episode. We hope to strip the emotion out of this subject and approach this issue like we do cannabis – on the basis of natural rights, bodily autonomy, and personal liberty.

I hope you’ll join us on this little jaunt.

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