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Cannabis for Doose Syndrome
Ep. 99 - Karen Gray - Cannabis for Doose Syndrome
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Ep. 99 – Karen Gray – Cannabis for Doose Syndrome

Karen Gray of Scotland had to break the law in the United Kingdom to get cannabis medicine for her 6 year old son. Doctors had tried every prescription medication under the sun to help control Murray’s seizures, and they just seemed to get worse. His seizures ran the gamut – from absconce to myclonic to tonic clonic to drop seizures. At the time of administering cannabis oil to Murray he was lying in a hospital bed unresponsive. Karen had traveled to Holland to get prescription grade very low THC cannabis oil for him. She dosed Murray with the oil unbeknownst to his doctors who would have had to take the oil from her and report her to the authorities. After Murray’s release from the hospital and feeling emboldened by the success they’d seen, Karen decided to purchase a cannabis oil with more THC – a 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC, respectively. After switching Murray’s medication he has been seizure free since June of 2019. Unfortunately for the Gray family the UK’s National Health System does not cover the cost of Murray’s plant based medicine, so the family spends 1400 pounds PER MONTH for his medication.

Full show notes can be found at www.cannabishealsme.com/99

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