Ep. 87 – Lyn Ulbricht on Ross Ulbricht & a Quest for Justice

Lyn Ulbricht’s son, Ross, dreamed of a society where people could participate in a truly free market without the prying eyes of the banking industry or the federal government watching them. So he created a website called Silk Road where people could use digital currency to buy things. Some of those things happened to be of an illegal nature, and when the US government got wind of this medium of exchange they brought the full weight of the federal government to bear on Ross. Ross is a first time offender, and his “crime” was nonviolent in nature. He is currently serving 2 life sentences without parole plus 40 years for creating this website.

Lyn joins me today to discuss Ross’s case. I am hoping the cannabis community will rally around Ross and help him and his mom continue their uphill battle for justice for Ross and all nonviolent offenders currently serving prison sentences across this country.