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Ep. 85 - Scott Horton - US Foreign Policy & The Drug War
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Ep. 85 – Scott Horton – US Foreign Policy & The Drug War

Back in May I attended Ron Paul’s Winning the War on the War on Drugs conference, and one of the speakers mentioned the fact that the US government often uses the war on drugs as an excuse to wage real war against foreign countries. Last week in my opening remarks I mentioned a quote by George W Bush’s statement that “If you quit drugs, you join the fight against terrorism.” It’s pretty shocking to hear that a US president equate drug users and terrorists. Given that extreme position and all the misinformation they spread about the War on Drugs, I thought I’d invite on my favorite foreign policy guru – Scott Horton – to talk to us about the War on Terror and US foreign policy. If they’re lying or misdirecting us about cannabis and other drugs, it’s certainly feasible they are doing the same on foreign policy. After all the same people who control the narrative on domestic policy also control the narrative on foreign policy.

Full show notes can be found at www.cannabishealsme.com/85

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