Vets Grow Cannabis Documentary
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Vets Grow Cannabis Documentary

Matt Grimshaw is an accidental activist. While studying to become an American citizen he stumbled onto the issue of veteran suicide and PTSD and decided he’d do something to shine a brighter light on the issue. At the same time he ran across an article about a veteran in Colorado who was able to reduce his pill intake from 47 per day to 5 or 6 thanks to cannabis. A documentary addict from childhood and a freelance videographer, Matt talked to his client Monster Gardens about doing a live grow show featuring a military veteran as the grower. A few months later Matt showed up at the door of Al, a Vietnam vet in California, and spent a year teaching him to grow medical cannabis. He documented their journey on film.

Matt’s got another project he’d like to start with veterans across the country in 2020. Check out today’s podcast to hear more about that!

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