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Cannabis for Chronic Migraines & PTSD
Cannabis for Chronic Migraines & PTSD
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Cannabis for Chronic Migraines & PTSD

Shortly before returning from her 16 month tour in Afghanistan in 2007 April Martinez started experiencing intermittent dizzy spells and headaches. By the 2008 she had daily headaches and soon those headaches became chronic migraines that never ended. She was medically retired from the military in 2011, and she tried every prescription drug under the sun to get her debilitating headaches under control. In 2015 while they were stationed in Washington state one of her providers recommended she try cannabis. After some trepidation and research she took the provider’s advice and tried a liquid form of cannabis so she could easily dose herself. Within a month and a half April had figured out her sweet spot dose, and she began to be able to function in life again. She replaced 15-20 pills per day with 1 or 2 pills a day and cannabis. Her pain wasn’t gone, but cannabis took the edge off of it. She could play with her children, take them to the park, complete household chores! For the first time in years she sat down and read a book and was able to comprehend what she’d read! She had hope again!

In 2017 her husband retired from the military, and their family moved back to Texas where cannabis is still illegal. That move meant April had to give up cannabis as medicine and return to prescription drugs that didn’t take the pain away and turned her into a zombie. But April is determined to have hope again, and she’s become an outspoken advocate for the plant. She wants to be able to medicate in a way that helps her be present in her own life.

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