Cannabis for Chronic Back Pain
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Cannabis for Chronic Back Pain

In 2016 after back surgery Tim Morris woke up in excruciating pain – far worse than before surgery. 

The pain persisted for many months until he finally got a second opinion and underwent surgery again.  It turns out his first doctor had not completed the first surgery correctly, but despite several follow up surgeries to correct this error Tim’s pain persists.  It impacts his mobility causing numbness in his legs and feet. 

cannabis is a great pain reliever

Popping Percosets and other prescription painkillers dull the pain, but they also often render him a zombie.  The only thing that bring his pain to a tolerable level and allows him to live his life is cannabis.  Unfortunately for Tim he still lives in Alabama where cannabis is illegal.  And when his urinalysis shows THC in it he’s stereotyped as a stoner and a drug addict.  But Tim knows something the rest of them don’t – cannabis is a great pain reliever.

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