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Coachella Valley 'King of Weed' Grows Highest THC % Cannabis in California - 2023
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Coachella Valley ‘King of Weed’ Grows Highest THC % Cannabis in California

Coachella Valley – Welcome to the King of Weed

Kings Garden is California’s highest THC % cannabis grow operation based in Palm Springs (Coachella Valley).

“Kings Garden is the original Coachella Valley cannabis grow operation.

What this means on the surface, is that we received the first licenses issued in both Cathedral City and Palm Springs. But what makes us truly who we are, runs much deeper.

Our co-founder hails from one of Palm Springs’ founding families.

Which means Kings Garden is more than a place we work. This is our home.

A genuinely rare and revered corner of the world.

A mecca which never ceases to inspire our creativity and drive our passion to create a family of cannabis strains unmatched in consistency, value – and above all – quality.”

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