Ep. 86 – Melissa Fults Cannabis Replaces Opioids & Arkansas MMJ

    In 2011 when doctors told her son that the opioids he was taking were killing him, Melissa started researching alternative pain medications for him. When she discovered cannabis could help reduce his pain and replace his prescription drug, she and her husband got involved with the medical cannabis movement in Arkansas. Unfortunately the bill they were championing got taken off the ballot, and an inferior MMJ bill, Issue 6, passed in 2016 instead. Melissa and other MMJ proponents in AR tried to get the legislature to address shortcomings of Issue 6, but they refused to do so. As a result she and her husband are behind a push to bring adult use cannabis to Arkansas.
    Thanks to cannabis & exercise Melissa’s son was able to wean himself off of the powerful opioids he’d been using for more than a decade.

    Full show notes can be found at www.cannabishealsme.com/86

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