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Cannabis for CRPS/RSD - CannabisTuga
Cannabis for CRPS/RSD
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Cannabis for CRPS/RSD

David Grantham was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (or RSD as it was called) in 2010 after surgery from a work related injury. He woke up from surgery with a burning sensation in his foot, and, unfortunately, the symptoms have spread to other parts of his body.

Cannabis for CRPS

David tried every treatment known to man. He’s had more reconstructive surgeries. He’s used heavy opioids. Had the nerves to his foot cut. Had nerve blocks. Had ganglia stimulation. He even had a spinal cord stimulator surgically inserted in his spine.

The stimulator worked for a month or so, but soon the CRPS spread to his spine, and whenever he tried to charge the unit, lighter fluid would coarse through his veins. Out of desperation he decided to try cannabis. Almost immediately his pain level dropped from off the charts to a manageable level. David lives in Alabama, and he has to go out of state in order to get access to his medicine.

When he’s in a legal state he can use cannabis only as his medicine, but when he comes back home it’s back to the opioids and unbearable pain.

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