Ep. 51 – Chris Moe aka Uncle Grumpy – Cannabis for Chronic Pain and Depression

Chris Moe aka Uncle Grumpy comes on the show to talk about his use of cannabis to help with his chronic pain and depression. After a workplace injury when Chris broke his back and neck he became disabled and was placed on a cocktail of pain management drugs and anti-depressants. Before switching to cannabis as medicine Chris was taking 27 pills per day – almost 10,000 pills per year. On all the prescription drugs Chris’s life spiraled downward. His marriage fell apart; he became alienated from his kids, and he became so depressed he considered ending his life altogether. After reaching rock bottom he decided to give cannabis a try medically, and he’s been able to wean himself off the anti-depressants and most of his pain meds.

He’s now an outspoken medical cannabis advocate – spending many days at the Oklahoma state capital during the legislative session and even starting his own Facebook based news network to keep people informed of what’s happening in the state. And even though medical cannabis is now legal in his state he’s continuing to fight for the rights of his fellow Oklahomans to partake of this plant that saved his life.

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