Ep 96 - Moriah Barnhart Cannabis for Brain Cancer
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Ep 96 – Moriah Barnhart Cannabis for Brain Cancer

Moriah Barnhart’s daughter Dahlia was just 2 years old when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Surgery, chemo and radiation drained the life out of Dahlia. Moriah was heartbroken as she watched the light dim in her daughter’s eyes. Dahlia’s condition was so unstable that doctors couldn’t give her any pain medications after one of many surgeries for fear it would suppress her respiration and kill her. In an act of desperation Moriah broke the law and gave her daughter cannabis to ease her pain. The change was almost instantaneous. Dahlia’s appetite returned, and she wanted to play! Moriah and the hospital staff were amazed as Dahlia changed before their very eyes.

Full show notes can be found at www.cannabishealsme.com/96

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