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Cannabis & Child Protective Services
Cannabis & Child Protective Services
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Cannabis & Child Protective Services

Few things strike terror in the heart of any parent like a knock on the door from Child Protective Services. And for parents who use cannabis to treat medical conditions for themselves or their children, those visits could spell big trouble.

It is the mission of Krista Mcintire of Family Rights Advocacy to help families maintain and protect their rights while under scrutiny from CPS.

She and her trained advocates inform parents of their legal rights and serve as a witness and an advocate, while holding CPS caseworkers accountable throughout the investigation process. They are a lifeline to parents in what can feel like a very desperate time.

During today’s episode Krista shares tips on how to handle that unexpected knock on the door. Shares insights into CPS’s policy on the admission of drug use. We also discuss some recent trends that involve doctors & hospitals as mandatory reporters, and how to recognize red flags that might indicate you are under investigation but have not yet been informed of that investigation.

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