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120w OpticLED FAR RED Bloom Enhancer unboxing and set up!!!


Back with the Optic LED grow tent. We have the 4 x Optic 1s and the 120 watt FAR Red Bloom Enhancer.

Introducing the FAR Red Bloom Enhancer by Optic LED.

Take your white light grow to the next level with loads of 660 nanometer Deep RED and many other flowering enhancing spectrum including Royal Blue 450nm, Cool White 5000k, Infrared 730nm and Ultra Violet.


Proven to grow bigger, fatter more colorful buds and help your canopy absorb the white light at higher intensities resulting in significantly higher yields and bigger buds.

This Bloom enhancer is comprised of quality components from the dimmable Meanwell Driver to the Osram 3 Watt highly efficient LEDs.

Engineered to be the best on the market for bloom enhancers in efficiency, spread & spectrum. Imagine what this Bloom Enhancer would do for your grow.

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